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- Our complete back catalog: 360RB album digital download (7,90€) & Anthrovoid album digital download (9,90€)
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- 10% discount on merchandise
- making of-videos on the go about writing and recording process of the upcoming release
- playthrough videos
- remixed versions of our earlier songs before 360RB album
- feel free to suggest and we`ll try our best to make it happen!

By subscribing you will contribute to the production of our next album which is going to be a big project production wise!

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      Here`s some guitar jamming with a brand new demo t... Mar 14, 2019
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  • A 10% discount on all our merchandise.
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    - Our next album as a CD
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Helsinki, Finland
SkiZma is a modern, progressive groove metal band from Finland. The band has been active since 2007 with its current line-up and has released 4 demo-EPs and two full lenght albums, of which the latest, called Anthrovoid, was released in November 2018. Currently the band is writing new material and planning to start recording the next album in the fall 2019.

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